The RJH C11 lot, a major contract awarded by CEM Nucléaire

CEM Nucléaire has just been awarded the C11 package, its 3rd main contract within the frame of RJH program for the CEA.
The construction project of the RJH (Jules Horowitz Reactor) is supervised by the CEA within a consortium of foreign research centres and partners operators.
This consortium has had to support certain mechanical and electrical equipment of hot cells in a lot called “C11”.
The realization of this lot requires in a first time a phase of studies appropriation (which were initially realised by REZ / Czech Republic who built the hot cells). This first phase will be followed by a joint review with CEA / AREVA TA in order to update these studies and achieve the realization of the equipment.
CEM Nucléaire is the agent of the consortium composed with Actemium Cadarache and CIMAT.
This award is an additional recognition from the CEA and AREVA TA of the quality of our labor on the RJH program and on the Cadarache centre.