Refurbishment of Equipment and Installations

DMK seisme


This offer allows the following goals to be achieved:

  • Safety improvement requirements after Fukushima event: seismic enhancement, with 3D dynamic calculations, in air and underwater.
  • Life extension of equipment and plant



Cegelec CEM, throughout the skills of its Business Unit CEM Énergie, is performing such refurbishment for the EDF fleet with following examples:

  • Fuel transfer machine between reactor and pool building
  • Spent fuel cask transfer lorry
  • Handling cranes, from heavy cranes to pool building cranes
  • Instrumentation and control system
  • General and process installations, with upgrade and reliability improvement
  • Hazardous area upgrade to new regulations

Recent references

Renovation of an handling system
EDF: Spent Fuel racks replacement in the pools building of Cattenom NPP (2018)


EDF rénovation du KRT
EDF: Radio-monitoring system upgrade with replacement of instrumentation chains in all NPPs (2016)


EDF Rénovation du contrôle-commande des systèmes RIC et RGL
EDF: Upgrade of control system of In core neutronic instrumentation and Control Rod actuators(2021)


EDF ATEX des installations d’électrochloration

EDF: Upgrade of hazardous equipment in electro-chlorination process system upon Regulatory requirements in NPPs (2015)