Integrator of Processes

Cegelec CEM has the capability to manage large projects as leader of consortium or as one member. We propose relevant offers through dedicated industrial partnership with a commitment to results and performance.

As nuclear integrator, Cegelec CEM is proposing turnkey solutions with:

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Site works
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance services


This activity is especially carried by the Business Unit CEM Projets, which operates on:

  • Design and Build turn key projects for nuclear and major research installations, either with new build, major overhaul, or specific equipment supply
  • Lump sum projects with commitment to performance, cost and delivery schedule
  • High added value and technical content projects, or with high organizational or regulatory inputs

Global Turn Key Projects References

CHEOPS iso3-process light

CEA Cadarache: new installation CHEOPS (2014)

Design and build of sodium test loops laboratory for future GEN IV ASTRID feast breeder reactor (high pressure and temperature sodium loops)

EDF CIDEN LIDEC transfert pneumatique

EDF DP2D: LIDEC laboratory (2012)

Design, Build and site installation of 15 hot cells with full equipment, to replace out of date LAMI, “laboratory for analysis of Irradiated materials”

EDF Cattenom installations traitement eau aéroréfrigérants

EDF CNEPE for Cattenom NPP (2014)

4 Water treatment plants (2 anti-scale and 2 anti legionella) as process installation to clean water within cooling tower

ICEDA manutention of a package

EDF DP2D: Interim storage facility for IL LLW (ICEDA in Bugey NPP)

Design, build and installation of high integrity handling systems (cranes, lorries) and shielded doors