Nuclear Plants dismantling: a new contrat for CEM Ingénierie

High integrity handling systems

Nuclear plants dismantling: A Turnkey contract for a high integrity handling system was awarded by Ondraf to CEM Ingénierie.

CEM Ingénierie is a recognized specialist in design and construction of electromechanical equipment in the nuclear market, for EPC contracts.

For this contract signed with ONDRAF in Belgium, for its industrial subsidiary Belgoprocess,  CEM Ingénierie is the Leader of the Consortium settled with Comète (Fayat group).

The purpose of this contract is the design and supplying  of high integrity handling systems.

In order to dismantle a building containing storage tanks of radioactive liquid effluents, CEM Ingénierie scope of works includes electromechanical equipment, i.e. :

  • handling machines : Overhead cranes, monorails, supports, freight elevators, conveyors, rotated tables, handling casks, …
  • shielded doors and hatches

“ Thanks to our proven experiences and expertise in Nuclear area, we are delighted to have been awarded to support ONDRAF in its dismantling project in Dessel. This new contract demonstrates the ability of CEM Ingénierie to confirm its position in the handling nuclear market, and reflects the confidence of our customer».  Jérôme MORIN, director of International projects.