ITER : F4E framework contract for CPRHS

CEM Nucléaire, in a consortium with Airbus Safran Launchers (as leader contractor) and Nuvia Limited signs a major robotic framework contract from F4E for ITER project :  design and realisation of the CPRHS – Cask and Plug Remote Handling System.

The framework contract covers the design, testing, manufacturing, delivery, commissioning and acceptance of the CPRHS. This contract, considered to be the largest ever in fusion remote-handling/robotics, implemented over a period of seven years.

The CPRHS, which resembles a robotic truck, is a key element of ITER’s remote-operated maintenance system specifically designed for the transport of internal components from the reactor chamber (Tokamak) to the Hot Cells where they are tested, repaired or scrapped. When the system carries the heaviest components, the total mass of the CPRHS is close to 100 tonnes. It also carries remote-operating equipment for deployment in the reactor chamber, to carry out inspection or maintenance, as the level of radioactivity precludes any human intervention.


This framework contract will be carried out by the consortium headed by Airbus Safran Launchers (as lead contractor) with its two partners of VINCI group : Cegelec CEM (France) and Nuvia Limited (United Kingdom).

“ITER offers our company a unique opportunity to demonstrate its ability to develop and build bespoke remote-handling equipment for a nuclear application in such complex context. Working with Airbus Safran Launchers and Nuvia will generate considerable added value, in which we are particularly proud to be part of” Pascal Champ, Sales Director at CEM Nucléaire.

web-trajectory-of-the-equipment-from-the-iter-machine-to-the-maintenance-hall-iter-io web-illustration-of-human-figure-standing-next-to-an-iter-cask-f4e

After ITER TB03, CPRHS is an opportunity to CEM Nucléaire to mark a step upward the international development of its activities.


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