CHEOPS – CEA Cadarache

CEA Cadarache : boucles d’essai CHEOPS

CEM Nucléaire has been awarded the main share of work of the CHEOPS turnkey project for the CEA Cadarache site to create a brand new building with high temperature sodium loops test rigs for Sodium components qualification.

After 2 years of competitive dialogue, competing against the Tier 1 French nuclear engineering companies, the CEM consortium of Razel/Bec, CEM Nucléaire, Actemium France Nuclear Projects, Castel Fromaget and Ingerop was awarded the project in May 2015.

The CEM offer was relevant, innovative and competitive, from a dynamic and synergistic consortium.

CEM Nucléaire is responsible for the main circuits and the core of “Process” design and the construction of 5 trial loops (tanks, pipings, pumps, gates), and process utilities networks associated (argon, empty, CO2, nitrogen, compressed air, water) utilizing its core skill set of mechanics and process engineering.


Project key schedule:

  • August 2014 : Commencement
  • September 2014 : Detailed Design
  • November 2015 : Design Execution
  • July 2016 : Construction
  • July 2018 : Trialing
  • April 2019 : Final Commissioning & delivery