CEM Nucléaire has registered a new order from EDF DIPDE for PTR-Bis


CEM Nucléaire will secure the sites with additional cooling modules : PTR Bis.

 We just have registered a new order from EDF-DIPDE for the conception and manufacturing of mobile cooling modules for BK pool (PTR-Bis). These 8 containers will be delivered to the FARN (Nuclear Quick Action Force, from the post Fukushima). They will be dedicated to the decennial VD4 900 visits and to cool the fuel storage pool in case of serious accident.

Our offer has been selected because of the original technical solutions proposed that answer to the strong requirements of the mobile cooling system.

The PTR-Bis is the central link of the VD4 900 project which clusters a large panel of professions and several businesses. Notably, it is strongly expected on the Nuclear Safety issues. A first delivery of the PTR-Bis on FARN sites is planned at the end of 2017.

It is the first mobile cooling container in France, able to evacuate a residual power of 12.4MW in a constraining environment (radiological, thermal, flooded…).

Once again, CEM Nucléaire has demonstrated responsiveness and tenacity to imagine solutions that meet the stringent requirements of the specifications.