CEM Nucléaire has been awarded the radio-monitoring KRT Tome A contract from EDF

EDF rénovation du KRT

Within its life extension program for its NPPs fleet, and to fulfill safety and environmental targets, EDF CIPN has awarded to CEM Nucléaire, leader of a consortium with Mirion technologies, the replacement and reliability enhancement of gas radio-monitoring systems in 3 sites : Cattenom, Paluel, ST Alban, that means 10 reactors.

This contract is about radio-monitoring detection systems replacement or installation in nuclear buildings : mechanical, electrical studies, including implementation plans will be done by CEM Nucléaire, and the supply of 98 new measurements systems by Mirion technologies.

This success is following previous contracts (2010-2011) where CEM Nucléaire showed its calculation expertise, and his know how about mechanical modeling and high integrity equipment integration, even for accidental conditions.