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Engineering and design

Engineering capabilities

Conception, calculations and expertise, in mechanicals including handling, operation or repair tooling, special machines, and process installation on a turn key bases.

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Seismic Analysis Capabilities

Our equipment is designed to withstand seismic following customers or regulations requirements (Post Fukushima assessment), with linear and non linear calculations.

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Turn Key Projects

EDF CNEPE for Cattenom NPP (2014)

Design and Build + Commissioning and training of operators for 4 Water treatment plants (2 anti-scale and 2 anti legionella) as process installation to clean water within cooling tower.

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EDF-UTO: Steam generator man-hole and eye-hole machining in the wrap around secondary tubes

Design and Qualification of tooling and Cegelec CEM operators – 4 operations done in EDF NPPs.

EDF-UTO: support to EDF for reloading of fuel, with Cegelec CEM operating a remote underwater robot to guide the spent fuel element into the lower fitting plate inside the reactor vessel

Maintenance and operation of robots, property of Cegelec CEM.

Dismantling and Waste Management

EDF CIDEN: Interim storage for IL LLW – ICEDA

Design, build, installation of all handling equipment for high integrity transfer of waste packages.

CEA Marcoule – ISAI: Intermediate storage building for Spent fuel

Design, Build, Installation of 2 spent fuel cask transfer lorries with their docking systems to allow input of fuel elements.

Industrial Process and Scientific applications

CEA Cadarache JHR research reactor (2014)

Pools liner of the 9 pools system + under water transfer system + under water crossbeams and gates (design according RCCMX code).

CEA Cadarache: new installation CHEOPS (2014)

Design and build of sodium test loops laboratory for future GEN IV ASTRID feast breader reactor (high pressure and temperature sodium loops).

CEA DAM Cesta: Laser MegaJoule project

Fusion experiment based on laser – Design, build, installation of the main vacuum chamber, and associated equipment.