Virtual Reality in our projects

Virtual Reality Collaborative Model Virtual Reality Collaborative Model


Cegelec CEM has developed an innovative solution that we use in all key steps of our projects.
Virtual Reality is available from the beginning with the first conception stages, integrates the regular updates at the pace of the project and takes into account corrections and feedback returns.
Outside data coming from CAO softwares, scatter plots, pictures or 360° videos are also added to it.
This solution allows us to manage collisions, interactions, annotations, components configuration, consultation of documentation, etc.


Proven work method

Integrated as a work method in our conception reviews, Virtual Reality on real scale allows a:

  • Help with environment’s appropriation and implantation’s analysis
  • Help with understanding to speed up the decision making
  • Help with interference’s detection
  • Help with validation of equipment’s accessibility and control of circulation areas
  • Help with ergonomic studies for the installation or maintenance of equipment
  • Possible consultation of technical documentation, instructions or maps in the model

Virtual Reality is interesting in the successive stages of the life cycle of the installation (realisation, installation, exploitation) as:

  • Reduction of the manufacturing gaps and rapidity of the documentation update
  • Reliability of the setup: anticipation and validation of complex operations, better understanding of interfaces


Collaborative viewing

The collaborative platform of Cegelec CEM enables all the actors of a project to have access to the virtual model, whatever their location is, in order to exchange and to act simultaneously on the components.
This solution allows us to avoid physical trips and is also easy to reach for our clients, which enables them to take part in the conception and to visit their future installation.

Work sites preparation

Safety is integrated before the beginning of the work site. Virtual Reality is used as a support to the awarenesss and for the training of the site workers.

Awareness of the site workers with Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality, added value of CEM Ingénierie