Handling systems

Mastering handling systems

High integrity handling system
Cegelec CEM designs, qualifies and carries out site assembly of all kind of handling systems, according to safety requirements and customers specifications.

Handling systems are part of our core business for more than 30 years with skills on industrial cranes as well as nuclear cranes.

They are part of our growth since 1998, with first projects with EDF in the 90’s on Creys-Malville power plant where we supplied equipment to transfer fuel elements and APEC cranes.





Hot cells, shielded casks and shielded doors

Cegelec CEM designs, builds, tests and qualifies all type of shielded doors for research labs, nuclear buildings and waste buildings.

  • Protecting against radiations and electromagnetics waves
  • Containment
  • Fire protection

Our added value

  • Design and build of special and high integrity cranes
  • Safety expertise and operational expertise
  • Calculation substantiation
  • Design according to FEM, EDF CRT/CST rules
  • Reliability studies (RAM with rates < 10-6)
  • Upgrade of mechanicals, of automation
  • Maintenance of facilities
  • Special handling units within hot cells – Adapting equipment for nuclear applications
  • Transfer of equipment