Our expertises

Cegelec CEM’s team has more than 30 years experience in the nuclear field.

This experience had allowed us to become a recognized specialist in design and construction of equipment in the nuclear market. EDF NPPs refurbishment requires remote operated equipment able to substitute human interventions: for example, Cegelec CEM’s creation of equipment to inspect pressurizers, to repair internal elements of Steam Generators, or primary circuit piping repair.

High integrity handling systems, transfer systems of nuclear loads (waste containers, shielded canisters, fuel elements…) and also shielded structures such as hot cells, doors and special containers are a speciality of our company. Cegelec CEM has designed cells as well as global processes for the CEA and EDF.

This know-how is used extensively in the nuclear dismantling and decommissioning sector. Cegelec CEM participates in dismantling scenario design by bringing its expertise and its responsibility as an integrator-equipment manufacturer.