HSQRE involvement

Health & Safety, Quality, Radiation & Environmental protection are managed with the highest priority not just while performing projects but the business as a whole. The Business Units organization is structured on the ground of those criteria.
A specific team is managing HSQRE policy and programs, ensuring they are deployed within the Cegelec CEM company, on our site works, but also with our suppliers.
Cegelec CEM is dedicated to the continuous improvement of safety practices and sets ambitious standards regarding the health and safety of its workers.

Our HSQRE policy is based on 4 fundamental commitments:

  • Health & Safety, our priority
    Protecting the health of the men and women who contribute to our business is our main preoccupation. Our goal: zero accident.
  • Quality, a value
    The quality of our actions must be clearly directed towards customer satisfaction.
  • Radiation protection, a constant concern
    Cegelec CEM is committed to continuous improvement principally aimed at improving prevention of risks associated with work in the presence of ionising radiation and promoting a radiation protection culture to reduce worker exposure.
  • The Environment, a commitment
    As a responsible company, the protection of the environment is naturally an important part of our Sustainable Development approach.


Cegelec CEM is certified OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and Radioprotection by Qualianor, and is qualified by its customers.

ISO certificate 2017 Cegelec CEM