The RJH C11 lot, a major contract awarded by CEM Nucléaire

CEM Nucléaire has just been awarded the C11 package, its 3rd main contract within the frame of RJH program for the CEA.
The construction project of the RJH (Jules Horowitz Reactor) is supervised by the CEA within a consortium of foreign research centres and partners operators.
This consortium has had to support certain mechanical and electrical equipment of hot cells in a lot called “C11”.
The realization of this lot requires in a first time a phase of studies appropriation (which were initially realised by REZ / Czech Republic who built the hot cells). This first phase will be followed by a joint review with CEA / AREVA TA in order to update these studies and achieve the realization of the equipment.
CEM Nucléaire is the agent of the consortium composed with Actemium Cadarache and CIMAT.
This award is an additional recognition from the CEA and AREVA TA of the quality of our labor on the RJH program and on the Cadarache centre.

CEM Nucléaire has registered a new order from EDF DIPDE for PTR-Bis


CEM Nucléaire will secure the sites with additional cooling modules : PTR Bis.

 We just have registered a new order from EDF-DIPDE for the conception and manufacturing of mobile cooling modules for BK pool (PTR-Bis). These 8 containers will be delivered to the FARN (Nuclear Quick Action Force, from the post Fukushima). They will be dedicated to the decennial VD4 900 visits and to cool the fuel storage pool in case of serious accident.

Our offer has been selected because of the original technical solutions proposed that answer to the strong requirements of the mobile cooling system.

The PTR-Bis is the central link of the VD4 900 project which clusters a large panel of professions and several businesses. Notably, it is strongly expected on the Nuclear Safety issues. A first delivery of the PTR-Bis on FARN sites is planned at the end of 2017.

It is the first mobile cooling container in France, able to evacuate a residual power of 12.4MW in a constraining environment (radiological, thermal, flooded…).

Once again, CEM Nucléaire has demonstrated responsiveness and tenacity to imagine solutions that meet the stringent requirements of the specifications.

CHEOPS – CEA Cadarache

CEA Cadarache : boucles d’essai CHEOPS

CEM Nucléaire has been awarded the main share of work of the CHEOPS turnkey project for the CEA Cadarache site to create a brand new building with high temperature sodium loops test rigs for Sodium components qualification.

After 2 years of competitive dialogue, competing against the Tier 1 French nuclear engineering companies, the CEM consortium of Razel/Bec, CEM Nucléaire, Actemium France Nuclear Projects, Castel Fromaget and Ingerop was awarded the project in May 2015.

The CEM offer was relevant, innovative and competitive, from a dynamic and synergistic consortium.

CEM Nucléaire is responsible for the main circuits and the core of “Process” design and the construction of 5 trial loops (tanks, pipings, pumps, gates), and process utilities networks associated (argon, empty, CO2, nitrogen, compressed air, water) utilizing its core skill set of mechanics and process engineering.


Project key schedule:

  • August 2014 : Commencement
  • September 2014 : Detailed Design
  • November 2015 : Design Execution
  • July 2016 : Construction
  • July 2018 : Trialing
  • April 2019 : Final Commissioning & delivery

Adeline project on tracks

Cegelec CEM has been awarded, with its consortium partners Dema and Cimat, the design, build and supply of the Adeline experimental irradiation trial test loop, for the research reactor Jules Horowitz.

This new device is targeted to reproduce several experimental conditions on new or post irradiated fuel in accidental conditions, till breakdown of the envelope tube.

CEM Nucléaire is providing Basic design, Detailed design and Execution design, Supply of rough materials, Manufacturing and Installation & Commissioning.

A challenging project, with high safety and technical requirements, where CEM Nucléaire can show its high technical and management level, with mechanical, electrical, control system and process knowledge capabilities and experiences.

CEM Nucléaire has been awarded the radio-monitoring KRT Tome A contract from EDF

EDF rénovation du KRT

Within its life extension program for its NPPs fleet, and to fulfill safety and environmental targets, EDF CIPN has awarded to CEM Nucléaire, leader of a consortium with Mirion technologies, the replacement and reliability enhancement of gas radio-monitoring systems in 3 sites : Cattenom, Paluel, ST Alban, that means 10 reactors.

This contract is about radio-monitoring detection systems replacement or installation in nuclear buildings : mechanical, electrical studies, including implementation plans will be done by CEM Nucléaire, and the supply of 98 new measurements systems by Mirion technologies.

This success is following previous contracts (2010-2011) where CEM Nucléaire showed its calculation expertise, and his know how about mechanical modeling and high integrity equipment integration, even for accidental conditions.

CEM Nucléaire has been awarded the CIGEO SS1 contract by ANDRA

« Procédé nucléaire de manutention des colis de stockage »

- ANDRA Cigeo : études du procédé de manutention des colis de déchets
Hotte de transfert

Handling design studies for nuclear waste packages, for deep geological disposal. The French Government agency ANDRA is in charge of design and development of the deep geological repository for nuclear wastes. ANDRA has awarded the SS1 contract to a consortium Cegelec CEM (leader) / Assystem / Sprectec – Preliminary studies, Basic design and detailed design of all tools and equipment required to handle wastes and store them from surface floor to final storage in deep cavities are to be developed.

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